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  • "The Lamb's Book Of Life" album is available on Bandcamp
  • Anhidema Presents
    The Third Journey INTO THE UNDERWORLD
    A new musical journey which accompany you through the darkness towards the light.
    You will find yourself within a dark woods
    where your straight pathway will be lost.
    You will stand before a dark cave
    where the voice will say
    21 musical masterpieces will guide you on your way to Hell and Heaven
    You will see no sun , no stars , no clouds.
    But an innocent Lamb, standing before you,
    looking as if it had been slain.
    The world will be unseen to you
    because you will see everything with your own inner eye.
    The album is available on iTunes , Amazon , Spotify , Bandcamp

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  • The new album " The Lamb's Book Of Life " is available on iTunes
  • Premiere of the New Official Music Video of Anhidema - "Lost and Forbidden" from the third brand new album " THE LAMB'S BOOK OF LIFE " Featuring with Spanish Guitarist EDDY DE VEGA
    Available on iTunes , Spotify, Amazon, Bandcamp
    Music by - Michael Abraham Vermey
    Video Production - ORION ltd. Germany ( Based in Frankfurt )
    Directed and edited by - James Forest
  • Anhidema's brand new album " THE LAMB'S BOOK OF LIFE " is available on Spotify!
  • The tittle of the music " Lost and Forbidden " itself describes the story of the video . The video shows lost and forbidden spirits given up themselves into the lust and seduction of the darkness . They continuously show the signs of the blasphemy and hate towards the Heavenly Father . They show it in the form of group sex , lust , sacrifices , hidden secret societies . freemasonry and Illuminati masquerade parties, symbols and upside-down crosses, blood, and witchcraft. The video shows the modern people fallen into the deep abyss of sleep under the hypnotic seduction of the great snake , the Satan . But as we all know in the end there is an enlightenment for all , great and small , everyone will stand before the throne of God and The Lamb . The light is the most powerful weapon to fight with the darkness and evil . In the end of the video we show how Virgin Mary, Holy Mother Of Light with the Fire of Heaven punishes and destroys the dark spirits who dwell on the dry grounds. Also in the end of the video we see Angels who came down from the sky to worship the light and show us the right direction .
  • Official Cover of the Third brand new album " The Lamb's Book Of Life " by Anhidema
  • The album will be available in 50 countries and in all the major digital stores online .
    " THE LAMB'S BOOK OF LIFE " by Anhidema
  • Official Teaser of the THIRD Brand New Album Coming Out VERY SOON
    The album will be available in 50 countries and in all the major digital stores online .
    Ladies and Gentlemen !
    " THE LAMB'S BOOK OF LIFE " by Anhidema
  • Anhidema is coming close to the release of its third album. The journey with Anunnakis are being super successful with its unique selling points across the world. Here is the Official Studio Album update of " Le Retour Du Anunnaki " Get it now with special price of $9.99.
  • Here you can stream HD quality audio of the album " Le Retour Du Anunnaki "
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  • Listen to " Speechless Trees" New Release from Anhidema
  • I am part of everything, I am water, I am wind,
    I am sound, I am the brightness of the sun,
    Even far from your eyes,
    I see myself in the Speechless Trees
    Through the silence.
  • Listen to Anhidema's Brand New Release "SOL INVICTUS" in Youtube
  • New works are coming soon with "DƎ VƎGΔ"
  • Soon coming new wonders - " Breathe Of Life " featuring with famous singer from Lithiania - AMIYA INSPIRATION
  • Here is the cover of the song "Inferno" by Anhidema
    Third album is on the way!
  • In the middle of the journey of our life I found myself within a dark woods where the straight way was lost ...
    Anhidema 3 - INFERNO ( Official Release )
    Available for HD streaming at
  • The intro of the new album has been always something a tremendous duty. Finally, after creating 5 Demo projects for the third album I could manage to choose the best one!
    These are the 3 powerful words of the light !
    "The Prophecy" is one of the powerful songs of the third upcoming album from Anhidema.
  • Hi dear ones. Sorry for not hearing from me for a long time. I just want you to know that I was going trough hardest time to find out peace, love, creativity and divine harmony after all happened in the highest spiritual world. Soon I'm moving to a desert place, an uninhabited island where I will be in a complete connection with Father☝️ and the divine powers of the River Of Life ! Lots of things I don't want to tell, but I want you to know that the light must shine , love must burn in everyone's hearts because the waters are polluted , the holy lands are infected by the darkness , oceans are nuked down and YET everything seems so quiet but nothing is quiet !
  • Confirmed new work of 20 music videos for a video Album in BluRay for the musical project ANHIDEMA of Michael Abraham Vermey
    We are already working like crazy for new filming of music videos because in a few days reaches Spain my friend, artist, dancer Canadian Zanicca Soledad Satya.
    Arístides Moreno​ - Steadycamline Productions
  • The Anhidema's second masterpiece album " LE RETOUR DU ANUNNAKI " is available now on "SPINNUP" label distributed by Universal Music Group UMG. The album has been distributed worldwide in the world's leading digital stores and players like - iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Deezer, Rhapsody, Tidal, Google Play, Napster, as well as Bandcamp, MySpace, LastFM, Beatport and on the official site of ANHIDEMA.
  • We are currently working on the brand new official video "Stolen Dream" from the second album "Le Retour Du Anunnaki" number 4th from 23 official videos produced and directed by Steadycamline Audiovisual Productions.
  • Anhidema is inviting all the mystic and divine female and male models to Spain - Granada to be a part of the video project with the Steadycamline Audiovisual Productions for creating and shooting a Blu-ray video album "LE RETOUR DU ANUNNAKI" which will be distributed in more than 50 countries worldwide.
    You will not be just a part of the creation but the story of it !
    Time is limited!
  • In collaboration with DSC Performance Network
    Project "LE RETOUR DU ANUNNAKI" with Steadycamline Productions
  • 1. Intro
    2. Légendaire
    3. Metamorphosis
    4. Babylonia
    5. Le Mystère De La Tristesse
    6. Falling Into The Earth
    7. Seven Strangers
    8. Gossoria
    9. Missionnaire
    10. Alchemy
    11. Crusader
    12. Footprints In The Forest
    13. Individuum
    14. Misunderstanding
    15. Essential Emotion
    16. Underwater Love
    17. Seven Generations
    18. Saghmos
    19. Stolen Dream
    20. Seraphim
    21. One Day In Andromeda
    22. Nirvana
    23. Message From The Edge Of The Universe
    Fred Nongat - SUBSONIC ARTZ
    Brijjetly Bhooshann - VOCALIST
    Ida Elena DeRazza - VOCALIST
    Kalpana Sethi - VOCALIST
    Aeralie Brighton - VOCALIST
    Emil Miedema - COMPOSER
  • Great Fans give us Great Ideas for creating "LE RETOUR DU ANUNNAKI'' BluRay album. So Share your ideas and imaginations by creating a video and sending us an email on
    The best ideas will be represented in Steadycamline Production to create the similar videos.
    Regards! Michael.
  • Anhidema says Officialy!
  • Anhidema biografía en español. Por Dulce Pily .
    Haga clic en el título para redirigir a la página Bio.
  • Anhidema's Spirit Of Mother is one of the upcoming album's music. This is the live, simple version of the melody. I dedicate this music to all beautiful mother's of the universe, the mothers of lives, miracle creators of the universe. Nothing compares to Mother
  • Here is the official long waited page in Anhidema where you can hear the new demos of the upcoming songs, collaborations and album previews. We have made a custom rating mechanism to see your ratings how you like the demos. We are officially out of Soundcloud.
  • Anhidema announces the new possibilities for the fans and musicians to submit their own demo sounds and songs to Anhidema. It can be any kind of sound which is mystical and would fit to Anhidema's songs and future projects. PLEASE DO NOT SPAM ! Your IP will get black listed due to quantity of uploads, we value and apreciate quality ! Samples of Drums, Vocals, Spoken Vocals, Guitars, Sound FX, Textures, Live Recorded Instruments, Pads, Midi Files etc... In wav 24 bit format.
    Even authors can submit their poems, phrases, lyrics in text files.
    Do not forget to leave your details and email addresses bellow in the description of your content to get back to you once your sound is listened and approved by Michael Vermey. The challenge has begun! Lets collaborate together!
  • Real collaboration between artist and fans is the support to make the production high in statistics. Anhidema is super grateful for all the support from the fans of the Planet Earth.
    You can share with your friends who would like to get Anhidema's album "Le Retour Du Anunnaki". Only from Bandcamp you can get the album directly from the artist.
  • We are almost ready for a BIG celebration ! Soon you will be able to see Michael Abraham Vermey's Interview where he discusses the subject why he wanted to go behind the curtains of his profession and creativity. He talks about why he escapes from the social sites as he deleted his facebook profile lately where people could write him thousands of messages daily. All creative people and new collaborators who would like to contact the management of the Anhidema Production must visit the link bellow.
    Or if you have a content and would like to submit it, visit here.
  • Due to some coding issues Anhidema's Official Website is in Maintenance Mode and under development. After finishing it the website will have an absolutely different look with the new amazing features.