We often forget about the importance of worldly vanity. That connects us – whether you are Christian , Hindu , Buddhist , Muslim or of another faith, or even without it – yes we all, in something we believe. For those who believe , no explaination is necessery , for those who don’t – no explaination exists !
We had to pass through the seven dimensional path to get this creation heard
and we have finally succeeded. WE ARE BACK AFTER 3600 YEARS.
The album includes 23 masterpieces, mastered with high quality latest technology. The album is protected under the ARM Author Copyright Organization.
COVER: We have got an amazing design once again! Few Words about the cover of the album. This time we have a very mysterious art! The model, who agreed to shoot this wonderful masterpiece is one of our greatest and crazy fans! Anhidema is crazily proud of having such mysterious fans among. The idea is showing the feminine pure divinity and natural sensual beauty.The cover includes a dark textured background, woman naked, her face covered with mysterious moth and hanging ancient jewelries from its wings. On the body of a woman is painted an ancient space map. Let’s take a breath and think about the return of the past! The Return of Anunnaki Gods! The Goddesses were sculpted on the rocks fully naked, Goddess Inanna, The Birth of Venus, In Ancient Babylonian-Sumerian history, In the Bible as Adam & Eve, Legendary Kama Sutra gurus who taught people about sensuality, spirituality and divinity etc, etc, etc…. So this artwork describes THE WHOLE STORY OF BEING from the Beginning of a New Beginning. LE RETOUR DU ANUNNAKI album released on 01.09.2016.







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