I have always been actively and constantly pursuing professional classes in the areas of self-improvement and personal growth. For 14 years I have been intensively studying personal and spiritual growth practices, technologies of how to release feminine potential and relationships between men and women. In addition, for 20 years I have been involved in the art and music world.
When I was a little girl, I dreamt about the many things I wanted in my life: I wanted amazing, ideal relationships; relationships in which an inexhaustible love and a non-ending understanding of one another exists, and relationship actualize which include empathy and ecstasy. I wanted to pursue activities which would reveal “me” and which would allow my talents to be realized. I wanted to travel the world. I dreamt of living in a lovely home, surrounded by nature. From my earliest childhood, I wanted to dance and sing on stage, to be a fascinating, alluring and successful woman.
The most amazing thing is that I have achieved it all. My dreams have come true, and I am currently living them. I thought that to achieve it all would take my entire lifetime… but, it so happened that all my dreams have become reality, down to the smallest detail. Everything has become true, and then some!
What kind of a feeling envelops you when all your life’s wishes have come true? An unimaginable one! An immense joy and an overflowing of energy was born within me, joy and energy that I wanted to share with other people! Self-sufficiency, freedom, gratitude for all that surrounds me appeared. It is as if I was born anew! I want to share this new life, this unending, inspiring holiday with others!
I have been studying music since I was 5 years old. For the last 15 years my career in that sphere has been growing not only in Lithuania, but also internationally. I create international art projects with notable jazz, classical and modern art performers and creators. I work with directors, dancers, fashion designers and photographers. My recordings resound throughout Europe, the US, Australia and Russia. I am the recipient of awards from various international contests. Through all my creative work, my concerts and performances, I transmit positive emotions, inspiring experiences, the beauty of feminine energy, the motivation to be, to live, to create a harmonious, beautiful life to the audience. I imbue my music with the entire feminine world, esthetics, beauty, tenderness, energy and love. Additional information about my creation work.





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