About the author: Michael Vermey

A young musician; who’s passionate for music, his artist name is Michael Vermey. But his real name is Abraham Mkrtchyan. Michael born on 8th of October 1994, started his music education in 1998, where he studied Grand Piano. He’s very young but he wants to achieve a high level and make his mark in the music industry. As we all know the universe is endless, so his music is beyond the borders and the universe. He was born in the Armenian city of Gyumri. He’s got this passion from his grandfather who was also a musician. Since childhood, Michael used to take an interest in music. And at a very young age, he started his musical career and paid attention to so many mysterious and interesting things; and also tried to touch Alchemy and New Age music. He started his project Anhidema, in a very sensitive way; by talking to the universe and getting inspired from it. The first album has seen the light on 10th of June 2014. The album name he pinned is simply titled, “Conversation With The Cosmos” in Gnostic, New Age, Space, Ambient, Chillout, Meditation, Spiritual, Downtempo genres. On the 1st of September 2016 the brand new masterpiece album “Le Retour Du Anunnaki” released which he described following to his gnostic studies of history about the ancient Babylon. “We often forget about the importance of worldly vanity. That connects us – whether you are Christian , Hindu , Buddhist , Muslim or of another faith, or even without it – yes we all, in something we believe. For those who believe , no explaination is necessery , for those who don’t – no explaination exists ! We had to pass through the seven dimensional path to get this creation heard and we have finally succeeded. WE ARE BACK AFTER 3600 YEARS”. He always tries to give a new flavor to his audience with love and respect. His love, trust, and knowledge of good music and thirst, sends waves of emotions! So, he kept inspiring himself through nature, meditation, and the known universe. Also Michael teaches music to children and many of today’s youth when he can. The name of his profession in music is a “ Musical Gnostic”. But the only thing which inspired and inspires Micheal most, is the Piano and Classical music. THE MEANING OF THE WORD ANHIDEMA: Is a galaxy, which was found by his grandfather who was also an Astrophysicist and Alchemist and was deeply interested in the known universe. Quotes Michael,” Anhidema is a study of the galaxy from where I get inspiration, so I continuously keep studying and trying to find out the secrets of it through my music and spiritual connection”. From time to time Michael studied everything in detail that his grandfather left him. The project Anhidema inspired him through his music. He was asked many times to open his grandfather’s discovery, but he refused because he believes in action not in words. So he tried to touch base, through his music and spiritual connections. He grew up in a middle class family , very humble. In his family, he has his loving mother, aunt, grandmother and grandfather. They gave him a good education,morals, values, and most important which he learned from his mother, is to be a good human being . He got to value and appreciate everything his piano teacher taught him. And he accepted and appreciated her being hard with him sometimes . Because of this, Michael believes good learning is important. That you get punished if you don’t learn to become perfect in your work. His teacher taught him to feel the music as it is, and try to put himself and soul into every accord. Every note and touch of the keys, then only he could feel the sound of real music. Michael is always in touch with his teacher, telling her his success. Making her proud and happy in the same way he wants fans to be happy and proud of hearing his music.

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